Bathroom Renovations in Mississauga

A quality bathroom can be the difference between a good life and great life. Bathing in your dream bathroom every morning doesn’t have to be a dream anymore. Infinity Bathroom and its team of expert renovators are here to bring your vision into reality and will work with homeowners in the Mississauga area through each step of the renovation process. It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing your bathroom cabinets and vanities or a tub-to-shower conversation – there is no remodeling project Infinity Bathroom can’t handle.

A bathroom is a lot like a sanctuary – that’s why Infinity Bathroom works with its clients from start to finish beginning with an in-person or virtual consultation. Infinity Bathroom provides both 3D designs and interior designs where homeowners can even select the materials used for their new bathroom. It doesn’t matter if homeowners in the Mississauga area are looking for small space solutions or luxury suites, these expert renovators can handle it all!

Expert Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Mississauga

Bathrooms can be one of the most pricey rooms in the entire house to renovate from a square foot perspective. Your dream bathroom project will be in good hands with Infinity Bathroom as its expert team handles each and every project with professionalism and care. Some things to keep in mind throughout your bathroom remodel are water efficiency, ventilation, and lighting – getting these aspects installed properly will prevent a lot of frustration for the homeowner.

Mississauga Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling

Keep in mind that your shower is a highly used amenity so it’s a good idea to spend money in this department. It’s also recommended, assuming space permits, that you opt for the 4-foot by 4-foot shower stall as opposed to the standard 3×3 – however, this will increase the price tag so keep this in mind when creating your budget. When selecting your fixtures – including toilet, faucet and showerhead – consider low flow water options. This might cost you more money upfront but will save you dollars over time on your water bill. A good toilet should use 1.28 gallons or 4.84L of water per flush. You should also select a faucet with an aerator as this will cut down water flow. A properly ventilated bathroom is also important as poor ventilation can cause moisture issues, which can lead to mold. You’re going to want to invest in a good bathroom fan, and if you have a steam shower, consider selecting a humidity-sensing unit.

High-Quality Bathroom Renovations in Mississauga

Mississauga bathroom renovation

Infinity Bathroom guarantees all work with a one-year workmanship warranty and is with the homeowner for every step of the renovation process. Clients can expect expert designing and planning, professional pre-construction preparation, a straightforward process, and even finishing cleanup. Infinity Bathroom specializes in contemporary, elegant, and luxurious renovations, remodeling for the modern bathroom.

When it comes to renovations in the Mississauga area, the Infinity Bathroom team has the know-how and experience to help bring your vision to life and is just a click away.