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Bathrooms can be a place of sanctuary for many people. Lots of hours of our lives are spent there. The Infinity Bathroom team has years of experience working with clients in Toronto and GTA and is here to help you renovate your bathroom in order to give it an often-needed makeover, whether this means adding new features or making changes to existing ones!

Infinity Bathroom believes that every homeowner deserves to have their dream bathroom. That is why they offer in-person consultations for renovations, where you can see 3D designs of potential layouts and decide on materials used throughout the build process. Their team will work closely with clients during each step so as not only to maintain timelines but also to stay within budget!
Infinity Bathroom offers small space solutions or luxury suite makeovers depending on what’s needed; all while ensuring an amazing experience from start till finish – it doesn’t matter how big the project may seem because Infinity has got your back with decades worth of expertise under its belt when comes dealin’ bathrooms

Expert Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Toronto

Your shower and toilet are two of the most frequently used fixtures in the bathroom, so spending money on both of these is always a good idea. Today’s low-flow water options might cost you more money upfront but they will save you considerable dollars over time on your water bill.

Toronto Bathroom Renovations & Remodeling

A good toilet is said to use 1.28 gallons or 4.84L of water per flush. Assuming you have the space to make it happen, you might consider going with a 4-foot by 4-foot shower stall as opposed to the standard 3×3 – however, this will increase the price tag. Another tactic to reduce water flow is selecting a faucet with an aerator. Getting your bathroom properly lit is another thing that can often be overlooked – especially for rooms with little natural light. Ceiling fixtures are still the standard light option, but this could create shadows so you might want to go with options that allow you to adjust light levels. And remember – a well-ventilated bathroom is also key to avoiding moisture issues such as mold. The bathroom is one of the most costly rooms per square foot to remodel in the house. Getting these features installed properly will save the homeowner a lot of time, money, and frustration.

High-Quality Bathroom Renovations in Toronto

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Infinity Bathroom is a company dedicated to bathroom renovation in Toronto. They offer expert design and planning, professional pre-construction preparation for your project from start to finish with an emphasis on ease of access around fixtures or tight spaces. The workmanship warranty ensures that their team will be working closely with you throughout the process so they can make sure everything goes smoothly! Leave it in their hands – there’s no need to stress out about what needs doing yourself when professionals do this type of job so well already. You can choose from existing designs or submit your own vision for Infinity Bathroom to bring to life.

We’re here to help you make your dreams come true! We know that’s what we do best. So whether it be a small remodel or big bathroom renovation, the team at Infinity Bathroom has got this one covered. Contact us today and get your free estimate!