Bathroom Renovations in Vaughan

Hours of our lives are spent in our bathrooms, and with the modern features that exist in today’s world, why not treat yourself when it comes to planning your remodeling. You’ll never hit the sleep button again once the perfect home bathroom renovation is complete – and for homeowners in the Vaughan area – that’s where Infinity Bathroom comes into play. The Infinity Bathroom team believes that our bathrooms are our sanctuaries and will be with you every step of the way during the renovation.

Infinity Bathroom works with the homeowner throughout each step of the bathroom renovation. Homeowners will have in-person consultation where they will see 3D designs, interior designs and even get to have their say when it comes to selecting the material to use. Whether it’s a small space solution or luxury suite renovation, the bathroom renovators at Infinity Bathroom will guide you through each and every step from the beginning design to the end installation.

Expert Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Vaughan

The bathroom is one of the most costly rooms per square foot to remodel in the entire home. A few factors to keep in mind when planning your remodel are water efficiency, ventilation, and lighting. Getting these features installed properly will save the homeowner a lot of time, money, and frustration.

bathroom renovations contractor in Vaughan

Your shower and toilet are two of the most frequently used fixtures in the bathroom, so investing money in these is always a good idea. Today’s low-flow options might cost you more money upfront but will save you considerable dollars over time on your water bill. A good toilet is said to use 1.28 gallons or 4.84L of water per flush. Another thing to consider – assuming you have the space to make it happen – is going with a 4-foot by 4-foot shower stall as opposed to the standard 3×3 – however, this will increase the price tag. It is also a good idea to select a faucet with an aerator as this will help reduce water flow. Getting your bathroom properly lit is another feature that can often be overlooked – especially for rooms with little natural light. Ceiling fixtures are still the standard light option, but this could create shadows. Consider selecting fixtures that allow you to adjust light levels. And remember – a well-ventilated bathroom is also key to avoiding moisture issues such as mold.

High-Quality Bathroom Renovations in Vaughan

bathroom renovations in Vaughan

Infinity Bathroom guarantees its work with a one-year workmanship warranty. Its team of bathroom renovators will work with the homeowner for every step of the renovation process. They offer expert designing and planning, professional pre-construction preparation, a straightforward process, and even finishing cleanup. The contractors at Infinity Bathroom are the solution to all Vaughan bathroom renovation problems. When it comes to contemporary, elegant, and luxurious bathroom renovations, remodeling, and design for the modern home, Infinity Bathroom is the place to go.

The Infinity Bathroom team has the ability and expertise to help make dreams become reality for homeowners in the Vaughan region and are just a phone call or click away.