How It Works

We understand that a bathroom renovation process and a bathroom remodeling process can be stressful. There will be no more irrational bids, missing deadlines, or sloppy contractors. With Infinity Bathroom, you’ll always have a professional project manager on your side, ensuring that your planned project goes off without a hitch.

1. Your Project

As a first step, we would meet to discuss the overall project so we can have a better idea of what you’re up to. Fill out the form on our website or give us a call with a brief explanation. What are you looking to have done? This is also when we would answer any of your major questions. This is considered a part of the planning process. It is critical to prepare wisely to get the most out of your investment. You’ll need to:

  • Determine the demands of the household
  • Do your research
  • Make a financial plan.

2. Meet Our Team

We believe in making our clients extremely comfortable through what is usually a very uncomfortable project due to the disruption to one’s everyday schedule. We will meet with you at the agreed-upon time and location to introduce you to our team and discuss details for all aspects of the project. We examine the type of labor that is required, how much it costs, the issues you are currently facing and how they could be resolved, the layout, and the desired aesthetic you intend to have. Combining all this data with all members of the department ensures the foundation and planning of the project are thoroughly being completed. Every department would provide insight into your scope of work so that you receive the best advice from experienced professionals.

3. Design Time

Experienced designers on our team develop your ideal bathroom environment after your space has been measured. Choose from our current design catalogs or create a unique design for your space. Detail designs, 3D renderings, paint samples, finishing supplies, and planned delivery are all included. Whether you like a traditional or modern bathroom design, Infinity Bathroom has a variety of design libraries to choose from to help you construct your bathroom. Remember that you may always mix and match components or incorporate customized elements; the idea is to create a room that is uniquely yours.

4. Smartly Execute

Infinity Bathroom takes a number of crucial steps to guarantee that your project proceeds smoothly and effectively. Construction preparation will commence when project schedules and timetables have been established. The team will safeguard and secure any places as needed before any work begins. During this execution phase, the site will be cleaned daily, the Project Manager will arrange meetings with the designer to keep you up-to-date. The work will be completed within the set time and within budget.


The idea of renovating your bathroom space can be a daunting experience if not done correctly, At Infinity Bathroom, we are seasoned professionals in bathroom renovation and remodeling in GTA, who follow protocol and safe steps to ensure all work is done perfectly and to your liking. Below are some common questions frequently asked by our clients:

Get high-quality bathroom renovations from a reputable company. Infinity Bathroom has a long history of bathroom remodeling and renovation experience. You can upgrade your space or go big with budget-friendly enhancements when you work with us. Our expert bathroom remodelers can provide a variety of bathroom remodeling concepts that take the worry out of the process. If you need bathroom renovation or remodeling, we are here to help you get the job done right. Contact us at Infinity Bathroom. We are happy to help you plan and remodel your new bathroom space and answer all of your questions.